Privacy Policy

We designed privacy policy to make you feel assure regarding the safety of your personal information.

We require your personal information to keep our website safe. If a user visits our website then we want him to fill a registration form if we he is enquiring for any specific information regarding our service.

We demand personal information i.e. name, address, phone number, email id. All this information is required to provide user with appropriate feedback regarding your query. We store your personal information in our database with full security.

We will never allow anyone to share your personal information with anyone unless we take your permission and surety from your side that you are agreeing to share your personal information with other people then we share your personal information to third party or any other person.

If you visit our website and he is only browsing and searching and downloading some information from your website then we will track some basic information about user.

For example from where he is browsing is location, its date and time, its server name, its browser type, IP address, etc. By knowing such information we will get to know that the behavior of user with our website and also for how many time he stays with which webpage.

Knowing this information we will get to know that how to make our website improve and according to user needs.

Cookies are the small text files that are stored on user browser when user visited our website and track every time this information.

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