What is the easiest method of conducting process of building and pest inspection?

It is clear that the time at which subsequent targets are achieved, for example clearing the backlog of repairs on their housing stock, will vary greatly between authorities.The future levels of credit Pest Inspection approvals issued to individual authorities will take account of the backlog of repairs identified on the introduction of resource accounting.Two new statistical reports were published today by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) – “Insurance … Facts, Figures and Trends” and the “Insurance Statistics Year Book 1986-1996”.

Together, the two publications give a comprehensive overview of industry developments over the past decade.This year’s edition of “Insurance … Facts, Figures and Trends” includes new chapters on the impact of the Labour Government on the insurance industry and merger and takeover activity during 1996.

Other chapters provide a full review of the insurance sector over the period 1992-1996, explaining the variety of products available, the activities of the London Market, the selling and regulation of insurance, and the roles of private and social insurances.

In 1996, net worldwide premium income from long-term insurance totalled .5 billion – up 18% on the previous year, and 27% higher than in 1992.or general insurance, premium income was .2 billion – 2% lower than in 1995, largely because of competitive pressures on premiums.

According to Government statistics, insurance companies owned more than 0 billion of investments in 1995 – an increase of more than 50% on 1992.The complementary “Insurance Statistics Year Book 1986-1996” contains 140 tables giving 10 years’ worth of statistical and other insurance information.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today written an open letter to UK MEPs urging them to vote in favour of maintaining a free market for motor vehicle parts.The European Parliament’s initial vote in favour of a competitive market in October 1995 was disregarded in favour of proposals which would have the effect of giving motor manufacturers a monopoly on replacement parts.

The motor insurance market in the UK is the most competitive in Europe, proving that rigid control of costs is passed on to policyholders through competitive premiums.

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