What is the reason behind the easy adoption of the instruments for detecting the pest ?

The Commission sees no tension between investing in staff and investing in improving services. These should not be seen as alternative claims on resources; rather the former is a component of the latter. We would also stress that while many of our recommendations are directed at the NJC parties, some are aimed at these other stakeholders. The role of central government as a source of various pressures (setting standards, measuring performance etc) and as main funder (constraining available resources) was indicated in chapter.

There was many difficulties which are to be faced because of the non having instruments to detect the BPI Sydney. The conflicts raises between the clients and the inspectors due to non detection of pest by the inspector.  Many different government departments have an interest in influencing the nature and delivery of local government services. The demands made of local government by central government are considerable and in our report we have indicated various ways in which central government.

Could help facilitate progress on issues which we have been examining in order to help deliver on its own agendas but without impinging on local government autonomy. Examples here include resources for capacity building (as now) for establishing mechanisms for generalising good practice throughout the sector (as is done on service delivery) for progressing the process of implementation of the SSA. A number of our observations and recommendations also have implications for individual local authorities, and more specifically managers, union representatives and councillors at this level. A team from the Aircraft Support Integrated Project Team have successfully completed the annual Pathfinder March.

As explained in chapter 1, although our direct engagement with individual authorities during your inquiries was necessarily limited, we sought to get a feel for problems and practice at local level.

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